Message from the Chancellor

Judy C. MinerOn behalf of our students, faculty, staff and governing board, let me first thank the residents of our community college district for your vote of confidence in us by passing Measure C on June 6, 2006. What a magnificent opportunity you have given us!

Measure C now enables Foothill College and De Anza College to renovate our classrooms, laboratories and offices with a modern infrastructure that will provide updated electrical, heating and ventilation systems, convenient access for people with disabilities, and 21st century technology critical for delivering quality instruction and services to our students.

The public trust you have given us is a serious matter. Our responsibility now is to provide intelligent and careful stewardship, oversight and transparency of the bond funds for the next decade and beyond to meet the four goals of the Foothill-De Anza Educational Master Plan: Opportunity, Quality, Accountability and Sustainability.

We educate more than 44,000 students throughout the year in our outstanding academic programs, preparing students for both university degrees and the workforce. We offer another 60,000+ residents a wide range of community education programs, such as College for Kids and Short Courses for lifelong learning. Foothill and De Anza serve as regional centers for cultural enrichment and hundreds of thousands of residents annually take advantage of the myriad performances, events, seminars, and workshops that take place nearly every day.

Thank you again for your support of our efforts. We will keep you updated about our progress as we move ahead to provide our community with the best possible educational opportunities for success. As always, our doors are open and we invite you to join us on campus to see, first-hand, the progress you have made possible.

Best regards,

Judy C. Miner, Chancellor