Foothill-De Anza Community College District

New District Offices

Estimated Completion Date: December 2017 | Measure C Budget: $20,000,000
The New District Offices will house administrative offices and the board room for the district. The project will be funded primarily by Measure C, supplemented by other funding sources.

Foothill College: Main Gym Roof Replacement

Completion Date: June 2017 | Project Budget: $1,094,642
The scope of the Main Gym project consists of removing the existing built-up roofing, roof shake system and associated roofing accessories down to the existing roof deck at the Main Gym and adjacent shed roof. The contractor replaced the mechanical well with a 4 four-ply built up roofing system and installed fire-treated wood shakes and systems that meet Title 24 requirements, provided copper gutter liner at wood gutters, replaced any discovered dry rot, repaired glulam beams found to be damaged at the Main Gym, provided crossover ladder for the parapet wall, and reroofed the adjacent building shed roof.

De Anza College: Flint Center Parking Structure Repairs

Completion Date: August 2017 | Project Budget: $6,613,127
The complete renovation of the Flint Center Parking Structure includes making significant structural upgrades with shoring, footing excavations, concrete and rebar placement, sheer walls and shotcrete, and associated tie-in to existing structure; making spall repairs; exposing and refurbishing the steel stair structures and installing a new plaster system; adding new stair railings and replacing the stairs; modernizing the elevators; installing a new emergency telephone system and new electrical and lighting systems; upgrading the fire alarm and fire suppression systems; adding new sealants throughout the parking structure; applying elastomeric paint on the exterior of the structure; painting the interior of the structure; installing new flashings and copings; repairing the tile roofs; adding new glazing at the elevator tower; replacing the signage; replacing asphalt; striping for Americans with Disabilities Act, student, staff and police parking; replacing expansion joints and making spall repairs.