Foothill-De Anza Community College District

New District Offices

Estimated Completion Date: February 2019 | Measure C Budget: $21,133,087
The New District Offices will house administrative offices and the board room for the district. The project will be funded primarily by Measure C, supplemented by other funding sources.

Foothill College: Building 2500 Roof Replacement

Completion Date: December 2018 | Project Budget: $773,164
The scope of this project consists of demolishing, removing, and replacing the existing built-up roofing, roof shake system and associated roofing accessories.

De Anza College: Signage & Wayfinding

Completion Date: June 2018 | Project Budget: $852,937
This project addressed the repairing, replacing and adding of exterior signage including wayfinding, vehicular and pedestrian signage. The project also included the procurement and installation of nine kiosk signs at various locations throughout the campus.

Foothill College: Building 1500 Renovation (Appreciation Hall)

Estimated Completion Date: December 2018 | Project Budget: $1,205,088
The scope of work for this project includes modifications to interior walls, doors, ceilings, and finishes; compliance with current life safety codes; modification to building systems (HVAC, Electrical, Lighting), and relocation of fire sprinkler heads; mechanical system upgrade with architectural modifications to support this upgrade; roof replacement and exterior painting.

De Anza College: Campus Exterior Lighting (Phase 3)

Completion Date: June 2019 | Project Budget: $945,669
The Phase 3 portion of this project replaced existing pathway and building lights with new LED fixtures, added new LED pathway and building lights where needed, and revised locations of some lights to provide better lighting on campus.